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Why South Sudan President Salva Kiir sacked his Army chief Paul Malong
President Salva Kiir on Tuesday night removed the South Sudanese army’s chief of general staff, Gen. Paul Malong Awan...
GIKONDO: The place where Africa’s cleanest city Kigali hides its Poor and dirty
There is a dirty secret behind the sparkling veneer of Rwanda’s capital, Kigali. Local residents call it Kwa Kabuga,...
Uganda renews its Nuclear Ambitions, signs deal with Russian firm Rosatom to build plant
The government of Uganda has agreed with the Russian Federation to cooperate in the peaceful application of atomic energy...
Promises to fund and deliver decent education, nutrition and boost agriculture have often been made. Africa’s people have been made so many promises. The challenge has been in the delivery. Writes Ivorian FootBall Star Yaya Toure By 2040 Africa’s population will be 2 billion lively souls, 1billion more than today,... Read more
The Ministry of Agriculture(MoA) is collecting comments on a draft regulation to re-establish an authority for coffee and tea development years after a similar body was discarded as irrelevant. The new body, to be called Coffee & Tea Development & Trade Authority, will not be any different from the... Read more
MTV base television has nominated Uganda’s Jose Chameleone, Nigieria’s Dbanj , 2face and ASA among africa’s 10 Most of influential artist of the last 10 years. Speaking about the award MTV Said  “The #MAMAEvolution award honours established artists who have made an indelible mark on African and global music... Read more
Ethiopia’s coffee harvest is to hit a record high next season, helping the East Africa region to a record crop, and spurring expectations of the area’s strongest exports in 20 years. Ethiopia – the fifth-ranked coffee producer, where the crop is believed to have originated – will harvest 6.51m... Read more
I was invited as training actor to a workshop late last year. The objective of the workshop was to equip young entrepreneurs with entrepreneurial competences. The workshop used the blue ocean strategy, business model and value preposition canvases to impart entrepreneurial competences. During the workshop I was privileged to... Read more
Agriculture is quite an ambiguous word that rings many bells in one’s mind by a mere mention of it; and when we factor in “human perception”, the degree of ambiguity widens. To most people, agriculture is merely growing crops and rearing animals. Times have changed. 10 years back, media... Read more
CASABLANCA, Morocco:  OCP Group’s third International Symposium on Innovation and Technology in the Phosphate Industry (Symphos)is on in Marrakesh, under the theme “Innovation to serve sustainable agriculture”. This year’s event will bring together over 1200 participants from the phosphate industry from all corners of the world, representing over 45 countries. Symphos 2015,... Read more