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Uber’s Uganda operation facing a driver revolt over low fees
On the 5th of July, Oxfam Executive Director Winnie Byanyima Opened Pandora’s’ Box on the reality of Uber In...
Tracking the Missing Link: Why Uganda is missing out on the Cocoa windfall
On the Campaign Trail in 2016, Uganda’s President Yoweri Museveni who was campaigning for a 7th term, stopped in...
McKinsey’s latest report on Africa-China economic partnership challenges previous beliefs
Through a study conducted across eight countries that together make up about two-thirds of Sub-Saharan Africa’s GDP, the report...
How to get on the Cover of Forbes Magazine
One week ago, Middlebury College in Vermont, USA bestowed upon me an incredible honor — something I never expected to receive by the age of 40: an honorary doctorate. I especially pinched myself as I sat on stage with luminaries like John Meacham because just over a month earlier,... Read more
GIKONDO: The place where Africa’s cleanest city Kigali hides its Poor and dirty
There is a dirty secret behind the sparkling veneer of Rwanda’s capital, Kigali. Local residents call it Kwa Kabuga, and government officials call it the Gikondo Transit Center. Whatever name is used, the reality is the same. It’s a place where Kigali’s “undesirables” – street vendors, sex workers, homeless... Read more
Liberated Africa: Pathways to Self-Transformational Development
In the period since independence in the 1950s, Africa has undergone profound social, cultural, economic and political changes. Some inherited and historically rootless colonialist political and social systems have collapsed, been transcended and reconstituted. By Ehiedu Iweriebor Different political systems – single party rule, personal rule and military governments... Read more
The legacy of autocratic rule in Tanzania – from Nyerere to life under Magufuli
The Arusha Declaration of 1967 is a defining document in Tanzania’s and Africa’s post-colonial history. It began a process of nationalisation and rural collectivisation which was then replicated in other parts of the continent. As one of the few countries in East Africa not beset by internecine conflicts, Tanzania... Read more
How amnesty efforts in the Niger Delta triggered new violence
The introduction of disarmament, demobilisation and reintegration programmes have become common practice in countries emerging from violent conflict. Arguably, the most difficult aspect is the successful and long-term reintegration of former combatants into civilian life. By Tarila Marclint Ebiede and Arnim Langer In Nigeria this was certainly the case. The country’s... Read more
Traditional universities are on the way out: online is the future for Africa
Education has two faces in today’s world, according to a recent World Bank report. On the one hand there’s the traditional face, where learning takes place in the state-sponsored classroom. On the other are the private initiatives in which other partners take responsibility for education at all levels. By Professor... Read more
African Challenges to African Development: We must keep our commitments to African investors
The parlous story of African economic and social development since independence best expressed in the failure to achieve the autonomous capacity for self-actuated development and in particular to create conditions of national and continental modern mass production and prosperity is well known and need not be repeated. It is... Read more
Trump is right on Congo’s minerals, but for all the wrong reasons
A few weeks ago a British newspaper leaked the draft of an executive order proposing the suspension of a US law that imposes tight controls over the trade in Congolese gold, tin, coltan and tungsten. Section 1502 of the Dodd-Frank Financial Reform Act requires US companies to carry out... Read more
Why Gordhan’s silence on South Africa’s nuclear option is a good sign
South Africa’s Minister of Finance, Pravin Gordhan said very little about the energy sector in his recent budget speech. The word “energy” came up only once compared with 2016, when it was used five times. Even more notable is that he didn’t mention nuclear energy – a source of... Read more
How the African Union’s planned overhaul will affect its ties with China
The African Union (AU) held its 28th Summit in Addis Ababa recently. The meeting was markedly different to previous ones because the organisation showed it was serious about finding practical, lasting solutions to contemporary continental problems. By Yu-Shan Wu Specifically the decision to “deeply” reform the continental body was given... Read more