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Buhari administration takes private enterprise seriously, says VP Osinbajo
Remarks by His Excellency, the Vice President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Professor Yemi Osinbajo, SAN at the...
Nigerian Billionaire Tony Elumelu donates 500,000 dollars in emergency aid to Sierra Leone Mudslide victims
Known for promoting youth Entrepreneurship, UBA Bank chairman, and founder Tony Elumelu has stepped up and delivered emergency aid...
Uber’s Uganda operation facing a driver revolt over low fees
On the 5th of July, Oxfam Executive Director Winnie Byanyima Opened Pandora’s’ Box on the reality of Uber In...
Southern Africa’s former liberators offer rich lessons in political populism
Political populism is anything but new. Nor are its various shapes peculiar to certain regions or cultures.   By Henning Melber Take former liberation movements in southern Africa, for example. They reflect the diversity of populist regimes spanning over several decades. This is evident in Zimbabwe under the Zimbabwe African... Read more
To Save South Sudan, Uganda’s President Museveni Must abandon Salva Kiir
President Museveni’s persistence to prop up Kiir has been the subject of discussions in the South Sudanese intellectual circles, particularly among the Equatorians. It’s also true that the laypeople are aware of the ever-increasing influence of the Ugandan leader over the ongoing conflict in South Sudan.   By Lako... Read more
Governments must act to end suffering in South Sudan – Oxfam Boss
As I write, multiple crises are inflicting havoc on millions of innocent lives. The lives of people — people like the rest of us, who have jobs, families, and children — are being forever changed by conflicts in Yemen, Syria, Lake Chad Basin, Iraq, and elsewhere. By Winnie Byanyima... Read more
Crowding the private sector into Africa’s climate action
It is in the enlightened self-interest of African private sector to begin to mobilise investment capital for Africa’s climate action             By Chinedu Moghalu The global community for climate action was spooked by the November 8 election of Donald Trump as the next President... Read more
The Gambia keeps dream of deepening democracy in Africa alive
The year ends with a gust of transformational winds blowing over the Gambia and Angola, raising hopes that Africa’s democracy project is not as dead as it is feared to be. By David E Kiwuwa The shock electoral defeat of the Gambia’s strongman President Yahya Jammeh by Adama Barrow, a... Read more
African Stock Exchanges Should Focus on Smaller Businesses
The African growth story is no longer a fairy tale. Over the past decade multinational companies, private equity funds and infrastructure development programmes have channeled capital to the continent as they began to realise the true potential it holds, but like most emerging market regions, Africa is no longer... Read more
Innovation Prize Director Pauline Mujawamariya on mobilizing support for African innovators
Africa is witnessing an incredible new movement –entrepreneurs and innovators across the continent, creating solutions for African challenges and the world! Writes Pauline Mujawamariya Koelbl Innovation – the state of play Africa has its own unique context – its own incredible opportunities as well as some of the most difficult... Read more
How are elections really rigged, Consult Robert Mugabe
“The Donald’s” claim that the American elections are rigged in his opponent’s favour (while it appears that in fact his supporters are doing as much as they can to jimmy the great contest) is reminiscent of many African opposition leaders’ claims. By David B. Moore They, however, are usually proffered... Read more
South Africa’s Thuli Mandonsela and Good blacks gone rogue
Many blacks can’t withstand the temptation of corruption, which in turn firstly destroys their objectivity and secondly rebuilds them into poodles in service of corrupt black elite power prevalent in the ANC. This essentially turns them ‘anti-black’, since the corruption is designed to divert money from the broader black... Read more
President Thabo Mbeki’s Letter to President Zuma
1 November, 2016 Comrade President Jacob Zuma, Luthuli House, Johannesburg. Dear Comrade President, Re: ANC Veterans. I was out of the country when the 101 ANC Veterans issued their press release following their interaction with ANC SG, Comrade Gwede Mantashe. Since my return I have read the press release... Read more