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Uber’s Uganda operation facing a driver revolt over low fees
On the 5th of July, Oxfam Executive Director Winnie Byanyima Opened Pandora’s’ Box on the reality of Uber In...
Tracking the Missing Link: Why Uganda is missing out on the Cocoa windfall
On the Campaign Trail in 2016, Uganda’s President Yoweri Museveni who was campaigning for a 7th term, stopped in...
McKinsey’s latest report on Africa-China economic partnership challenges previous beliefs
Through a study conducted across eight countries that together make up about two-thirds of Sub-Saharan Africa’s GDP, the report...
Standard Bank is on a committed journey of rapid digitization across the continent, offering its customers more convenient ways to interact with their personal banking services. The latest innovation in this digital transformation journey is the expansion of the existing Standard Bank banking app to four additional African markets simultaneously,... Read more
Smart Telecom last week launched its mobile money service SMART PESA on to the Uganda market making it the latest telecom company to join East Africa growing mobile banking sector.   “Smart is one of the most innovative telecom companies in the market today. Just as we created a... Read more
Sidian Bank has approved its first car loans to experienced Uber drivers in Kenya, using a model the ride hailing service hopes can be rolled out across countries in Africa where a lack of customer data limits lending. Getting loans is one of the main hurdles facing small businesses... Read more
The Ugandan unit of South African telecoms giant MTN Group plans to spend much of the $114 million loan it secured last month on expanding its 4G mobile broadband network, a top company executive said on Wednesday. In May MTN Uganda, the country’s largest telecoms firm by revenue and... Read more
The Nigerian government is looking to create thousands of jobs in the technology industry to curb rising unemployment among its youth. Some estimates indicate that in excess of 78 million young people in Nigeria are either unemployed or under employed. Konga, one of Nigeria’s biggest online shopping stores, is... Read more
It is not everyday that a company enters a new market and finds that the people it thought were its competitors can actually be partners. This is the Market Uber the world’s largest taxi company has found in Uganda. Taxi owners see Uber as an Opportunity to increase the... Read more
Music streaming is growing rapidly globally and it’s the second most popular mobile phone feature in Sub-Saharan Africa The popular music of the new generation, known as ‘Bongo Flava’ has evolved from being seen as an art for ‘outlaws’-or rather;  that’s how the older generation viewed it about two... Read more
Uber and Sidian Bank  announced today that they have partnered to launch an innovative Uber Vehicle Solutions Programme that will give driver-partners and business investors convenient and affordable access to the quality vehicles they need to start or grow their Uber-based businesses. This comes shortly after Uber celebrated 1 million... Read more
The tech-savvy alternative to taxicabs, Uber, is trying to put down roots in Africa, but the U.S.-based company has had to adapt itself to African norms — as well as pushback from the traditional taxi industry. Uber first established itself in South Africa in 2013, and is now available... Read more
Smile Telecoms Holdings Ltd, which owns and operates 4G LTE mobile broadband networks in the 800MHz band in Nigeria, and in the 800MHz and 2.6GHz bands in Tanzania and Uganda, announced today that in all its operating markets customers would enjoy the benefits of two first-to-market services, namely SmileVoice... Read more