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Why South Sudan President Salva Kiir sacked his Army chief Paul Malong
President Salva Kiir on Tuesday night removed the South Sudanese army’s chief of general staff, Gen. Paul Malong Awan...
GIKONDO: The place where Africa’s cleanest city Kigali hides its Poor and dirty
There is a dirty secret behind the sparkling veneer of Rwanda’s capital, Kigali. Local residents call it Kwa Kabuga,...
Uganda renews its Nuclear Ambitions, signs deal with Russian firm Rosatom to build plant
The government of Uganda has agreed with the Russian Federation to cooperate in the peaceful application of atomic energy...
Now or Never:  South Sudan’s war enters dangerous final phase
South Sudan’s conflict has entered a new, more dangerous phase. While there has been no new fighting in the capital, Juba, since a splurge of violence in July, rebellion is spreading across the country. In its wake, refugees are fleeing into neighbouring Uganda and Ethiopia, fearing yet more bloodshed... Read more
A look inside the world’s very first drone Airport in Rwanda
Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s a commercial cargo drone returning to its droneport after delivering life-saving blood supplies. The sight of commercial delivery drones whizzing through the sky is much closer than you think. And nowhere more so than in Africa, where the world’s... Read more
Is Egypt fanning Ethiopia’s Oromo protests as blackmail over Renaissance dam?
Ethiopia accused “elements” in Eritrea, Egypt and elsewhere on Monday of being behind a wave of violent protests over land grabs and human rights that have prompted the government to declare a state of emergency in the Horn of Africa nation. The unrest has cast a shadow over Ethiopia,... Read more
Why South Sudan’s second highest ranking General run into exile
When South Sudan People’s Liberation Army deputy Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Barpiny Mantuil Wicjeng who was in charge of Moral orientation made the decision to run to exile, he did so with the conviction that his life was in danger. But why now, why did the General choose to run... Read more
In South Sudan, power flows from the barrel of a gun; for the sake of peace this must stop
By Majak D’Agoôt and Remember Miamingi . There is no end in sight to South Sudan’s manmade apocalypse so long as its ruling “gun class” runs the show. These ethno-regional, sectarian warlords have benefitted from the conflict through organised violence and plunder. On a number of occasions, they have organised... Read more
Gabon: The Bongo family dynasty is not going anywhere
By Florence Bernault For the second time in seven years, a presidential election in Gabon has triggered violent unrest. Rich in oil, uranium, and manganese, Gabon now faces a turbulent future. Incumbent president Ali Bongo’s narrow victory over opponent Jean Ping ignited the country’s main cities and forced a recount... Read more
5 things to watchout for as South Sudan returns to War
  Instability in Boma State: Top in the news this week was Gen. Khalid Top in the news this week was Gen. Khalid Botrous’ defection and declaration of war upon the government at a press conference in Nairobi. Notably, he claimed the loyalty of the entire SSDM-Cobra Faction, which... Read more
Deja vu in Congo as President Kabila clings to power
Zaire’s President Mobutu Sese Seko shed a tear as he delivered a speech in April 1990 promising his people an end to one-party rule and a future without the man they knew as the Guide. “Understand my emotion,” he said, his distinctive, deep voice cracking. In the seven years... Read more
What Brexit means for EU-Africa relations
In the flood of debate and opinion which followed the UK’s Brexit referendum, journalists and scholars alike have focused on the economic impact on Britain, the future of trade agreements and the effect on the rest of the EU. With a few exceptions, implications outside of Europe are often... Read more
African governments fighting back as Social media keeps them in Check
African governments are increasingly clamping down on the internet, especially social media, as well as messaging applications, in an attempt to silence democratic opposition, civil society and activists mobilising against poor governance. By William Gumede Technology has made it increasingly possible for Africans across the continent to distribute and... Read more