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How to get on the Cover of Forbes Magazine
One week ago, Middlebury College in Vermont, USA bestowed upon me an incredible honor — something I never expected...
Gen.Reuben Malek; How a South Sudan army Commander made 3 million dollars selling explosives to his own army 
A top South Sudan army official has used his position to accumulate millions of dollars through his personal business,...
Adil Youssefi appointed new CEO of Liquid Telecom Kenya
Liquid Telecom Kenya has announced the appointment of Adil Youssefi as its new Chief Executive. He succeeds Ben Roberts,...
Uganda needs a caffeine fix: insights from Vietnam’s coffee market success
Until recently Vietnam and Uganda shared a similar trajectory in the development of their coffee sectors. Today, Vietnam has emerged as the second largest coffee producer in the world. In Uganda, poor agricultural inputs and a failing institutional environment have resulted in low yields and slower development of the... Read more
TAKE 5: Innovation Prize for Africa’s Pauline Mujawamariya on strengthening Africa’s innovation eco-system
Over the last years, the Innovation Prize for Africa has awarded some of Africa’s leading innovators, from people like Dr Imojen Wright whose company can help HIV-positive patients discover the kind of drugs they are resistant to before it is too late. Our Reporter Collins Hinamundi asked the Programme... Read more
Late Congo opposition leader’s son named as successor
Democratic Republic of Congo’s main opposition coalition said it had named the son of its late leader Etienne Tshisekedi to succeed him on Thursday, but some within the opposition rejected the choice. Felix Tshisekedi was chosen to lead the alliance of some of the country’s largest opposition parties, which... Read more
African Union? What Union? There is no Union, Africa is Ever More Divided and Morocco’s return shows that
33 years after Morocco left the African Union to protest against recognition by the organization of the former Spanish colony of Western Sahara, Rabat is back. DW’s Ludger Schadomsky on what this means for the AU. At first it looks like good news. Morocco is a political heavyweight. As... Read more
Tanzania’s unlisted telecom companies given 3 days to go public
The government yesterday threatened stern legal actions against telecommunication companies failing to float their shares on the stock market by the December 31 deadline. With only three days to the deadline, the Minister of Works, Transport and Communication, Professor Makame Mbarawa, warned that the phone companies failing to list... Read more
Health and safety takes the back seat in Eastern Uganda’s gold rush
 With red dust all over his body, a short well-built man, probably 40- 50 years steps out of a 50-foot pit, to speak to a group of Researchers about the issues surrounding his mining site. This man is Majidu Musisi, he is the Chairman of Nabwala Gold Mining site... Read more
The new gold in town: Why Kenya’s Real Estate firms are moving into agribusiness
Welcome to Isinya; in the heart of Kajiado County, 58 kilometres south of Kenya’s capital Nairobi. Evidently, the area is sparsely populated majorly because it falls within Kenya’s pastoralism belt. But in the last four years, this area has witnessed an influx of real estate companies, as developers move... Read more
Innovation Prize Director Pauline Mujawamariya on mobilizing support for African innovators
Africa is witnessing an incredible new movement –entrepreneurs and innovators across the continent, creating solutions for African challenges and the world! Writes Pauline Mujawamariya Koelbl Innovation – the state of play Africa has its own unique context – its own incredible opportunities as well as some of the most difficult... Read more
CRUNCH TIME IN SOMALIA: Has Al Shabaab been weakened for good?
By Stig Jarle Hansen Several analysts have highlighted the supposed weakening of Al Shabaab, the violent Somali Islamist militant group. The Somali foreign minister Abdisalam Hadliyeh Omer claimed recently for example that the Al-Qaeda allied terrorist outfit controls less than 10% of Somali territories. Omer could also point to Mogadishu’s... Read more
Kenya eyes 3 million tourists a year with new joint marketing partnerships
The 6th Magical Kenya expo kicked off in Nairobi, Kenya on Wednesday setting the stage for a promising future for the country’s tourism sector. The sector recorded a 15 percent growth from last year as the government looks to further boost its performance. Under the theme Tourism for all;... Read more